Virtual Tour of the Eolos Wind Energy Research Station, University of Minnesota

January 14, 2021
12:00 PM CST

The Eolos Wind Energy Research Field Station is located at UMore Park, a 5,000-acre University of MInnesota-owned property in Dakota County (approximately 20 miles southeast of the Twin Cities campus). Eighty acres of UMore Park have been dedicated to the research station, which includes a 2.5 MW Clipper Liberty wind turbine and 130m (426 ft) tall meteorological tower. Maintained and operated by the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory (SAFL) at the University of Minnesota, this site hosts not only active research, but also education and training of the next generation of wind industry personnel.

SAFL Associate Engineer Christopher Milliren will lead a virtual tour of Eolos, discussing the diverse research projects enabled by this unique research wind turbine, including concrete foundation lifespan and stress loads, to preventing eagles from colliding with wind turbines.

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Speaker: Christopher Milliren

SAFL Associate Engineer @St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, University of Minnesota
Christopher Milliren (Civil Engineering '11), an associate engineer at SAFL, has been involved with the Eolos Wind Energy Research Station since its inception. As an undergraduate student, Milliren assisted with the procurement and construction of Eolos, acting as SAFL's on-site representative overseeing the project. After graduation, Milliren joined SAFL full-time as the lead engineer handling daily research tasks and maintenance projects related to Eolos.


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